Pore Minimizer

Pores have the tendency to get clogged and enlarged when things such as dirt and oil become trapped. This is why they created a pore minimizer.This typically leads to inflammation and other problems such as bacteria in and around the pores. The proper measure is to clean the irrigating bacteria by opening the pores, this will help reduce the blackheads and fungus. Using a pore minimizer you are allowing the pores to shrink, while opening the clogged pores to provide a smooth clean feeling and look.

A typical cause of clogged and enlarged pore is when cosmetics, dirt and skin products are mixed with the natural skin oil. This combination occurs at a microscopic level, the mixture of these bacteria with microscopic yeast particles creates infections. Although the infections are harmless, the surrounding tissue will begin to clog, at times creating a sebum plug.

The sebacesous glands release a natural oil known as sebum, if this natural oil is not cleaned, or is trapped with dirt, plugs that promote the fungus will begin to open. Without a proper exfoliation process, pores will begin to grow large creating blackheads, redness and even rosacea.

By shrinking your pores with a proper pore minimizer, you can successfully reduce the size of the pore while promoting healthy skin. A pore minimizer is most successful if they contain several active ingredients, one to kill the bacteria, and another to minimize the oil and dirt. If it also includes a lotion to clean, and rejuvenate the skin that is another added benefit of a minimizer.

One common product often found in minimizers is Emu Oil. This oil is a natural anti-bacterial and also anti-inflammatory. This natural oil promotes healthy skin while killing fungal infections before they can begin.

Another helpful product is alpha hydroxy crystals. These crystals can help to gently exfoliate the skin, which helps clear things such as dirt and oil, leaving a smooth and polished surface. Hydroxy crystals are also commonly found in acne and rosacea products due to its properties to remove dirt and oil while helping provide an antiseptic that clears and protects the user.